World Tsunami Awareness Day Special Event

World Tsunami Awareness Day Special Event
Contact: Shinji Sassa <>


1 Jia-wen Zhou China Numerical simulation of landslide-generated waves during the 11 October 2018 Baige landslide at the Jinsha River
2 Finn Løvholt Norway Tsunami uncertainty due to landslide dynamics
3 Do Minh Duc Vietnam Analysis and modeling of a landslide-induced tsunami-like wave across the Truong river in Quang 5Nam province, Vietnam
4 Jan Blahůt Czech Republic Tsunami from the San Andrés Landslide on El Hierro, Canary Islands: first attempt using simple scenario
5 Ken Ikehara Japan The link between upper-slope submarine landslides and mass transport deposits in the hadal
6 Shinji Sassa Japan Review of Submarine Landslide-induced Tsunamis: The importance of cascading mechanisms and multi-phased physics
7 Nicola Casagli Italy Monitoring and Early Warning of Landslides including Stromboli landslide induced tsunami
8 Kyoji Sassa Japan Simulation of Tsunami waves induced by coastal and submarine landslides in Japan
9 Luciano Picarelli Italy The impact of climate change on landslide hazard and risk
10 Kazuo Konagai Japan Early Warning of rain-induced rapid and long-travelling landslides in Sri Lanka
11 Stephan Grilli USA Tsunami generation by Volcanic flank collapse: Case study of Anak Krakatau
12 David Tappin UK The continuing underestimated tsunami hazard from submarine landslides
13 Viacheslav Gusiakov Russia December 11, 2018 landslide and 90-m icy tsunami in the Buryea water reservoir
14 Dwikorita Karnawati Indonesia Innovation in Tsunami Early Warning System in Indonesia
15 Toyohiko Miyagi Japan Explanation of submarine landslides distributions around Japanese islands and stereo photo of submarine landslides on the floor
16 Break: Observation of stereo photo of submarine landslides by participants
17 Panel Discussion: Understanding and reducing disaster risk of landslide-induced Tsunami
along with the Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020
18 Short talks and comments from panelists and floor
19 Concluding remarks on World Tsunami Awareness Day Special Event in WLF5