Themes 1-8

WLF5 parallel sessions will be organized under the following 8 themes.

Theme 1: Sendai Landslide Partnerships and Kyoto Landslide Commitment
     First Coordinator: Kyoji Sassa (ICL Headquarters)
     Contact: ICL secretariat <>

Theme 2: Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping and Zonation
     First Coordinator: Fausto Guzzetti (Department of Civil Protection, Italy)
     Contact: Paola Reichenbach <>

Theme 3: Monitoring and Early Warning
     First Coordinator: Nicola Casagli (University of Firenze, Italy)
     Contact: Veronica Tofani <>

Theme 4: Testing, Modeling and Risk Assessment
     First Coordinator: Binod Tiwari (California State University, Fullerton, USA)
     Contact: Binod Tiwari <>

Theme 5: Education and Capacity Development for Risk Management and Risk Governance
     First Coordinator: Matjaž Mikoš (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
     Contact: Matjaz Mikos <>

Theme 6: Catastrophic Landslides: Causes and Consequences
     First Coordinator: Vít Vilímek (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
     Contact: Vít Vilímek <>

Theme 7: Frontiers of Landslide Science and Innovative Practices
     First Coordinator: Peter Bobrowsky (Geological Survey of Canada)
     Contact: Fawu Wang <>

Theme 8: Specific Topics in Landslide Science and Applications
     First Coordinator: Željko Arbanas (University of Rijeka, Croatia)
     Contact: Zeljko Arbanas

The following Electronic proceedings sessions will be organized under theme 8.

     First Coordinators of electronic proceedings sessions: Katsuo Sasahara
(Kochi University, Japan)
     Contact: Katsuo Sasahara <>

S8.E3 International Cooperation in Landslide Disaster/Risk Reduction (Japan)
S8.E4 Introduction of landslide mitigation measures of Japan
S8.E5 Activities of Landslide-prevention engineers to enhance local capacity for disaster reduction in Japan
S8.E7 Possibility of slope measurement and monitoring for reduction and mitigation of slope disaster
S8.E8 Risk and adaptation in geo-disaster vulnerable areas under recent severe earthquake and extreme rainfall
S8.E9 Development of early warning technology of rain-induced rapid and long-travelling landslides in Sri Lanka
S8.E10 Small-scale Landslides and Land Creeps in Korea: Initiation, Prediction, and Prevention


Note: One-page abstract volume session can be proposed by 28 February 2021 under Theme 1-8.