Themes 1-6

WLF5 parallel sessions will be organized under the following 8 themes.

Theme 1: Sendai Landslide Partnerships and Kyoto Landslide Commitment
     First Coordinator: Kyoji Sassa (ICL Headquarters)
     Contact: ICL secretariat <>

  • Session 1.1  Sendai Landslide Partnerships, Kyoto Landslide Commitment, and International Programme on Landslides
  • Session 1.2 Landslide-induced Tsunamis
  • Session 1.3 Landslides at UNESCO designates sites and contribution from WMO, FAO, IRDR
  • Session 1.4 Education and Capacity Development for Risk Management and Risk Governance
  • Session 1.5 SATREPS-Rain-induced Rapid and Long Travelling Landslides


Theme 2: From Mapping to Hazard and Risk Zonation
     First Coordinator: Fausto Guzzetti (Department of Civil Protection, Italy)
     Contact: Paola Reichenbach <>
and Snježana Mihalić Arbanas <> 

  • Session 2.1 Landslide recognition and mapping
  • Session 2.2 Landslide hazard assessment and zonation – susceptibility modelling
  • Session 2.3 Landslide hazard assessment and zonation – temporal and size modelling
  • Session 2.4 Landslide data and information for disaster mitigation
  • Session 2.5 Landslide vulnerability of people, communities and the built environment

Theme 3: Monitoring and Early Warning
     First Coordinator: Nicola Casagli (University of Firenze, Italy)
     Contact: Veronica Tofani <>

  • Session 3.1 Landslide monitoring and geophysical surveys
  • Session 3.2 Remote sensing for landslide risk management
  • Session 3.3 Landslide early warning systems
  • Session 3.4 Forecasting models and time predictions of landslides

Theme 4: Testing, Modeling and Risk Assessment
     First Coordinator: Binod Tiwari (California State University, Fullerton, USA)
     Contact: Binod Tiwari <>

  • Session 4.1 Recent Development in Physical Modeling of Landslides
  • Session 4.2 Recent Development in Numerical Modeling of Landslides
  • Session 4.3 Recent Development in Soil and Rock Testing Techniques, Application and Analysis Methods
  • Session 4.4 Recent Advancements in the Methods of Slope Stability and Deformation Analyses
  • Session 4.5 Recent Development in Disaster Risk Assessment

Theme 5: Catastrophic Landslides and Frontiers of Landslide Science
     First Coordinator: Vít Vilímek (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
     Contact: Vít Vilímek <>,
Fawu Wang <>

  • Session 5.1 Landslides and earthquakes
  • Session 5.2 Landslide dams and outburst floods
  • Session 5.3 Catastrophic large-scale landslides in mountainous regions
  • Session 5.4. Landslides triggered by extreme rainfall and other effects of climate change
  • Session 5.5. Frontiers of landslide science

Theme 6: Specific Topics in Landslide Science and Applications
     First Coordinator: Željko Arbanas (University of Rijeka, Croatia)
     Contact: Zeljko Arbanas <>

  • Session 6.1 Impact of large ground deformations near seismic faults on critically important civil-infrastructures
  • Session 6.2 Recent Progress in the Landslide Initiating Science
  • Session 6.3 Earth Observation and Machine Learning
  • Session 6.4 General Landslide Studies
  • Session 6.5 The Japanese Geotechnical Society Sesssion “”Risk and Adaptation in Geo-Disaster Vulnerable Areas under Resecent Severe Earthquake and Extreme Rainfall


The following Electronic proceedings sessions will be organized under theme 6.

     First Coordinators of electronic proceedings sessions: Katsuo Sasahara
(Kochi University, Japan)
     Contact: Katsuo Sasahara <>

  • S6.E1 International Cooperation in Landslide Disaster/Risk Reduction (Japan)
  • S6.E2 Introduction of landslide mitigation measures of Japan
  • S6.E3 Activities of Landslide-prevention engineers to enhance local capacity for disaster reduction in Japan

Note: One-page abstract volume session can be proposed by 28 February 2021 under Theme 1-8.