Theme 5. Catastrophic Landslides and Frontiers of Landslide Science

Theme 5: Catastrophic Landslides and Frontiers of Landslide Science
Contact: Vít Vilímek <>, Alexander Strom <>, Fawu Wang <>


Session 5.1 Landslides and earthquakes


1 Paulus Rahardjo Indonesia Study on the Phenomena of Liquefaction Induced Massive Landslides in 28 September 2018 Palu-Donggala Earthquake
2 Daria Shubina Russia The Krasnogorsk landslide (Northern Caucasus): its evolution and modern activity
3 Hiroshi Yagi Japan Slope deformation of Jure landslide 2014 along Sun Koshi in Lesser Nepal Himalaya and effect of Gorkha earthquake 2015
4 Toshiya Aoki Japan Pressure head dynamics on a natural slope in Eastern Iburi struck by the 2018 Hokkaido earthquake
5 Sergio Sepulveda Chile New insights on recent and active large rock slides in the Andean paraglacial environments of central Chile
6 Salvatore Martino Italy Earthquake-triggered landslides and slope-seismic waves interaction inferring induced displacements


Session 5.2 Landslide dams and outburst floods


1 Tomas Kroczek Czech Republic Rockfall/rockslide hazard, lake expansion and dead-ice melting assessment: Lake Imja, Nepal
2 Oleg V. Zerkal Russia Formation of the 2018 Bureya landslide, Far East of Russia
3 Regine Morgenstern New Zealand Landslide dam hazards: assessing their formation, failure modes, longevity and downstream impacts
4 Chukwuueloka A.U. Okeke Nigeria The Sedimentology and Internal Structure of Landslide Dams – Implications for Internal Erosion and Piping Failure: A Review
5 Christian Zangerl Austria Investigation, characterisation and monitoring of deep-seated landslides in the surroundings of large dam reservoirs
6 Arash Barjasteh IRAN March 2019 flood impact on the stability of Ambal salt ridge in the Gotvand dam reservoir, Southern Iran


Session 5.3 Catastrophic large-scale landslides in mountainous regions


1 Alexand Strom Russia Rock avalanches: basic characteristics and classification criteria
2 Jan Burda Czech Republic An interdisciplinary assessment of a coal-mining-induced catastrophic landslide (Czech Republic)
3 Gioachino Roberti Canada Could glacial retreat-related landslides trigger volcanic eruptions? Insights from Mount Meager, British Columbia
4 Hans-Balder Havenith Belgium Structural and dynamic numerical models of rockslides in the Carpathians and the Alps
5 Michele Delchiaro Italy Quantitative investigation of a Mass Rock Creep deforming slope through A-Din SAR and geomorphometry
6 Ching-Ying Tsou Japan Deformational Features of Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformation of Slate Slopes in the Central Range, Taiwan
7 Kiichiro Kawamura Japan Bathymetric Analyses of Submarine Landslides on the Jan Mayen Ridge, Norwegian–Greenland Sea
8 Dirk Kuhn Germany Forkastningsfjellet rock slide, Spitsbergen: State of activity in a changing climate
9 Vinod K Sharma India Catastrophic landslides in Indian sector of Himalaya
10 Andrée Blais-Stevens Canada Landslides that caused fatalities in Canada from 1771-2019
11 Mark E. Reid USA Basal Liquefaction from Rapid Landsliding: The 2014 Deadly Oso Landslide (USA)
12 Toshimi Mizuno Japan The evaluation of Deep-seated catastrophic landslides (DCLs) on Kii Peninsula 2011 by means of the historical deformation
13 Violchen Sepulveda Chile Catastrophic landslide and subsequent tsunamis in North-Patagonian District, Chile
14 Marte Gutierrez USA The Massive February 17, 2006, Leyte, Philippines, Rockslide
15 Tomas Panek Czech Republic Giant landslides in the foreland of Patagonian Andes: effects of deglaciation and drawdown of glacial lakes


Session 5.4.  Landslides triggered by extreme rainfall and other effects of climate change


1 Ken Ho China Enhancing Preparedness against Impact of Climate Change on Slope Safety in Hong Kong
2 Wei Shan China Climate Change and Surface Deformation Characteristics in Degradation Area of Permafrost in Lesser Khingan Mountain, China
3 Nejc Bezak Slovenia Climate change impact evaluation on the water balance of the Koroška Bela area, NW Slovenia
4 Qiang Zou China Characteristics and causes of the debris flow in Shelong Gully, China
5 Kounghoon Nam China Extreme rainfall induced landslide susceptibility assessment using Autoencoder combined with Random forest
6 Hongjuan Yang China Rainfall-induced landslides and debris flows in Mengdong town, Yunnan province, China
7 Swapna Acharjee India Landslide triggered by rainfall and Land use change: A case study of Laptap Landslide, Arunachal Pradesh, India
8 Komatsubara Taku Japan Relationships between antecedent rainfall and volume of earthquake-induced €landslides in historical era of Japan
9 Gianvito Scaringi Czech Republic Looking for a Temperature Control on Slope Stability
10 Jeffrey A. Coe USA Bellwether sites for evaluating changes in landslide frequency and magnitude in cryospheric mountainous terrain


Session 5.5. Frontiers of landslide science


1 Sabatino Cuomo Italy Numerical Modelling of Landslide-Structure-Interaction
2 Tazio Strozzi Switzerland Accelerating Landslide Hazard at Kandersteg, Swiss Alps; Combining 28 years of satellite InSAR and single campaign terrestrial radar data
3 Ying GUO China Identification old landslides in permafrost degradation area in Northeast China by difference distribution of surface trees
4 Paula Hilger Norway A landform evolution model for the Mannen area in Romsdal valley, Norway
5 Guglielmo Grechi Italy Multimethodological study of non-linear strain effects induced by thermal stresses on jointed rock masses
6 S.O.A.D. Mihira Lakruwan Japan Economizing the Soil Nailing Design by Drainage Improvement – Case History at Ginigathhena
7 Sandro Moretti Italy Large and small scale multi-sensors remote sensing for landslide characterisation and monitoring
8 Gabriel Legorreta Paulin Mexico Modeling landslide volumes: A case study in Whatcom County, Washington, USA
9 Pietro Rimoldi Italy Geosynthetic reinforced soil structures for slope stabilization and landslide rehabilitation in Asia
10 Wen-Chieh Cheng China Mobility characteristics in loess landslide over erodible bed: insights from sandbox experiments
11 Costanza Morino France Different dynamics of permafrost degradation-induced landslides revealed by molards
12 Yoshinori Otani Japan Recent Development of the Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Geosynthetic Strap Reinforcements
13 Junichi Koseki Japan Japanese case histories on use of geosynthetics in reconstructing failed slopes
14 Mario Valiante Italy A spatiotemporal object-oriented data model for landslides (LOOM): some first pilot applications from the Cilento Geopark (Italy)
15 Motohiro Ito Japan Emeagency mitigation measures of a dip slope slide with uplifted toe caused by heavy rain in Chichibu, east Japan
16 Reshad Md. Ekram Ali Bangladesh Influence of geology and geological structures in triggering landslides: Bangladesh perspective