Thematic Issue “Sendai Landslide Partnerships 2015-2025” / “Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020”

Thematic issue “Sendai Landslide Partnerships 2015-2025” / “Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020”


1 Masahiro Shinoda Japan Regional landslide susceptibility following the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake using back-calculated geomaterial strength parameters
2 Ting-kai Nian China Experimental investigation on the formation process of landslide dams and a criterion of river blockage
3 Ben Leshchinsky USA The Hooskanaden Landslide: historic and recent surge behavior of an active earthflow on the Oregon Coast
4 Changdong Li China Recent rainfall- and excavation-induced bedding rockslide
occurring on 22 October 2018 along the Jian-En expressway,
Hubei, China
5 Karel Šilhán Czech Republic Dendrogeomorphology of landslides: principles, results and perspectives
6 Guruh Samodra Indonesia Characterization of displacement and internal structure of landslides from multitemporal UAV and ERT imaging
7 Sudesh Kumar Wadhawan India Causative Factors of Landslides 2019: Case Study in Malappuram and Wayanad Districts of Kerala, India