Potential Speakers, E-Posters, Non-speakers, and sponsors/exhibitors of WLF5 are requested to register in this preliminary registration by clicking tabs above and filling in the form.

Objectives and Benefits of Preliminary Registration

1) The information of the themes selected by the Preliminary Registered Speakers (PRS) and a tentative title/outline showing the content is useful for the session and theme coordinators.

2) WLF5 secretariat may support PRS when necessary.

3) All latest and detail information of WLF5 will be sent to PRS directly.

4) PRS from developing countries who need financial support for the participant are notified in WLF5 secretariat for the fund sharing.

5) Sponsors may have various options for benefits including exhibition. WLF5 secretariat will accept customized requests from the Preliminary Registered Sponsors on the details.