Full color books

Full Color Books

Six volumes of full color books titled “Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk” which are the inaugural volumes of the new ICL book series “ICL contribution to landslide disaster risk reduction” (ISSN 2662-1894 (print version) and e-ISSN 2662-1908 (electronic version)) will be published in November 2020. The six volumes of books include all accepted papers submitted to WLF5. All authors of accepted papers are invited speakers at WLF5.

Volume 1 Sendai Landslide Partnerships and Kyoto Landslide Commitment 579 pages
Volume 2 From Mapping to Hazard and Risk Zonation 418 pages
Volume 3 Monitoring and Early Warning 322 pages
Volume 4 Testing, Modeling and Risk Assessment 456 pages
Volume 5 Catastrophic Landslides and Frontiers of Landslide Science 374 pages
Volume 6 Specific Topics in Landslide Science and Applications 386  pages