One-Page Abstract

Call for One-page Abstract

WLF is calling for One-page abstract (registration and submission).

Important notice

1 One-page abstract presentation is10 minutes presentation (onsite, online-virtual, pre-recorded) or no oral presentation.
2 Registration fee for one-page abstract is 31,000JPY by 31 March 2021.
3 Deadline of submission of one-page abstract is 30 June 2021. The acceptance of abstract is informed by 31 July 2021. If the abstract will be rejected, the registration fee of 31,000 JPY will be refunded.
4 The reservation of unnecessary rooms in the National Kyoto International Conference Center will be cancelled soon after 31 March 2021. Presentation time of authors paying the registration fee after 31 March and before 31 July 2021 will be shortened or cancelled due to the reduced capacity of rooms.
5 The WLF5 presentation programme including the author(s), office, presentation title, publication type (Thematic issue, full color books, E-Proceedings, one-page abstract) will be made immediately after the early bird registration by 31 March 2021 and published in WLF5 web and the June / the July issue of the journal “Landslides”.
6 The WLF5 abstract volume including all presentation in WLF5 will be edited after the acceptance of one- page abstract by 31 July 2021, and uploaded in August in WLF5 web as open access publication.


Important Date

1 28 February-21 The deadline for the session proposals.

When the proposal of own session with the list of more than 6 speakers will be accepted, the session will be organized by the proposed chair.

2 15-Mar-21 Recommended deadline of payment to avoid possible delay due to busy communication and possible troubles.
3 31-Mar-21 Deadline of the payment of registration fee to make the Second Programme of the WLF5 to be published online in WLF5 and in the journal “Lanslides”
4 30-Jun-21 Deadline of submission of one-page abstract
5 31-Jul-21 Acceptance of one-page abstract
6 15-Sep-21 Deadline of switching decision of type of oral presentation: 1. Onsite, 2. Online virtual, 3. Pre-recoded
7 15-Oct-21 The Final Oral Presentation Programme of the WLF5 will be announced to all participants



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