Sponsors and Exhibitors

Call for WLF5 Supporting Organizations with Financial Support

WLF5 supporting organizations with Financial support (more than 3,000 USD or 300,000 JPY) are called for. Appreciations to the supporting organizations will be published in Bulletins, WLF5 pages in each issue of the Journal “Landslides”, all volumes of the WLF5 full color books, and its E-Proceedings. The representative of each organization is invited to attend all sessions, the reception, and lunches throughout the WLF5. The ICL President will present his sincere appreciation for their supports at the closing ceremony.

Supporting Organizations who provided financial support as of 4 July 2020: Tokyo Geographical Society, International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), Association for Disaster Prevention Research, Kyoto, Japan

Call for Panel Exhibition (new)

1200 mm x 2100 mm panel exhibition (in the center of Exhibition Room B-1) is called.

Max 20 exhibition panel facilities are available. Registration fee is JPY150,000. 2 non-speaker registration tickets are offered to an exhibitor. As of 4 July 2020, a Japanese local government applied for a panel exhibition.

Sponsors (Landslide related companies)

Type A (JPY 500,000): Marui & Co., Ltd., NIPPON KOEI Co., Ltd., OSASI Technos Inc., GODAI Corporation, Japan Conservation Engineers & Co., Ltd., OYO Corporation, Kokusai-Kogyo Co., Ltd., GEOBRUGG, Ellegi srl (LiSALab), Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation, IDS GeoRadar s.r.l., Meter Group Inc., Asia Air Survey Co. Ltd., Type A-1 (JPY 400, 000): We are now calling for one sponsor. One booth space (4 m x 3m) and 3 non-speaker tickets are offered.

Type B (JPY 300, 000): Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd., Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd., Water&Geo-tech Engineers, Nissaku.

Calling for further 3 sponsors: One poster (1200 x 2100 mm), 4 non-speaker tickets and Sponsor banners (logo, name of company and link to its web) in WLF5 web are offered.

WLF5 secretariat in Kyoto, Japan:  <wlf5-sec@iclhq.org>