Post-Forum Field Trip

Post-Forum Field Trip cancelled
(Max 30 Persons, 7-9 November 2021)

Field trip to urban landslides in Hiroshima, landslide-induced tsunami in Unzen volcano, and earthquake-induced landslides in Kumamoto will be organized on 7-9 November 2021.

1st day in Hiroshima (7th Nov. 2021)

Start from Kyoto by Shinkansen: Urban landslide disasters triggered by local extreme rainfalls. World Cultural Heritage “Itsukushima Shrine”, and “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park”

From Hiroshima to Kumamoto by Shinkansen (Stay in Kumamoto).

2nd day in Unzen (8 Nov. 2021)

Kumamoto to Unzen-Shimabara by bus and ferry: 1792 Unzen-Mayuyama megaslide by an earthquake and caused big Tsunami disaster. Visit to Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark, Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall (Stay in Kumamoto).

3rd day (9 Nov. 2021)

Visit to the landslides induced by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in the Aso caldera area. End of the trip at Kumamoto Station/Airport

The route map of field trip on 7-9 November 2021

1. Hiroshima (urban small-scale landslides and debris flow, World Cultural Heritage “Itsukushima Shrine”, and “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park”). Landslide simulation (LS-RAPID) for Hiroshima disaster can be found at <

2. Unzen volcano and megaslide-induced tsunami (Unzen volcano, Unzen Volcanic Area Geopark, Unzen landslide-and-tsunami disaster (15,153 people was killed).  The field trip will take a Ferry both way between Shimabara (Unzen) to Kumamoto crossing the Ariake sea.

Video of 1991 Pyroclastic flow: <>
Landslide simulation (LS-RAPID) <>
Tsunami simulation (LS-Tsunami) <>

3. Landslides induced by Kumamoto Earthquake in Aso Caldera (2016)