E-Posters Submission

To Authors of WLF5 E-Posters
How to Submit (Upload) E-Posters to the ICL-FTP Box

Submission Deadline: 10 August 2021

1. Please save your E-Poster file as [E-Poster]-[Author family name.Initial.doc]. The PPT Template is available on the WLF5 web page: http://wlf5.iplhq.org/call-for-papers/.
E.g., E-Poster-Sassa.K.pptx

2. Access “ICL-FTP Box”: http://box.iplhq.org/login.php

3. The general UserName “Poster-authors” and Password “wlf5-epostera” should be used to enter the FTP Box – both are the same for all authors.

4. In the following pages, click the Folder “EPosters. Authors

5. Choose your file in your computer for uploading

6. Click the upload button and wait for some time (depends on your file size and the connection speed)

7. Your file name appears in the FTP box when the uploading is completed

8. Finally, click the red button to logout.