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10 June 2021 Programme for Plenary Sessions of the Fifth World Landslide Forum (2021.6.10)
 22 April 2021 1. List of Oral Presentation Speakers of the Fifth World Landslide Forum (2021.4.19)
2. Outline of Oral Presentation Programme of the Fifth World Landslide Forum (2021.4.22)
3. Bulletin No.2 of WLF5 (2021.4.22) in progress

9 Feb. 2021 Bulletin No.2 of WLF5
6 Feb. 2021 Call for Order of Volume 1-6
6 Feb. 2021 Call for one-page abstract and session proposal
6 Feb. 2021 – The First WLF5 Programme (updated on 2021.2.5)
– Letter to not-yet replied speakers (example for Theme 1)
11 Dec. 2020 The First WLF5 Programme (Notice and Authors) in 2021
Letter to WLF5 speakers(2020.12.10)
30 Nov. 2020

Registration Timeline and Fee of WLF5

25 July 2020

Bulletin No.1 of WLF5 in 2021

2 July 2020 

The Post-Forum field tour is re-scheduled. Please refer to the page of Post-Forum Field Trip.

15 May 2020

1. Notice for the first payment for publication fee
2. Instruction of the 1st payment for WLF5 publication

13 May 2020

Postponement of the WLF5 to 2-6 November 2021 and Launching of KLC2020 on Schedule (Updated)

29 Feb. 2020

Cancellation of the ICL-IPL Kyoto Meeting (April 2020) and Replacement by WEB meetings

09 Feb. 2020

Extension of submission deadline & Call for additional paper submission
– Deadline to submit full color book papers: 15 March 2020
– Number of papers allowed per speaker: up to 3
– Page length of papers: 6 pages (for regular submission) or 12-18 pages (for keynote speakers invited by theme/volume editors)
Deadline of formal registration for authors of full color books: 25 May 2020

25 Jan. 2020 Letters to Preliminary registered speakers and ICL members
Letter (No.1): Deadlines of Formal Registration to WLF5 for Speakers
Letter (No.2): Financial support and Call for WLF5 supporting organizations with finance (Updated 2020.02.12)
Letter (No.3): Preliminary Registration for WLF5 Post-forum Study Tour
27 Nov. 2019 4 pages of WLF5 information for Landslides Vol.16, No.12
   1. WLF5 Outline
   2. WLF5 Registration
   3. Call for Speakers and E-poster
   4. Call for Partners of Kyoto Landslide Commitment
5. WLF5 Bulletin (Draft 2019.11.16)
06 Sep. 2019

Change Paper Submission Deadlines of WLF5
Letter to Registered Speakers)

27 Mar. 2019

Letter to potential partners of KLC 2020 for ICL members (2019.3.27)
Letter to potential partners of KLC 2020 for ICL members in Japan (2019.3.27)

11 Feb. 2019 WLF5 Invitation
Call for Sponsors
8 Feb. 2019 Outline of WLF5 2020 Kyoto
The 2017 Ljubljana Declaration
Final Draft of Kyoto Commitment
ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025

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