Theme 8: Specific topics in landslide science and applications

Theme 8: Specific topics in landslide science and applications

Coordinators: Zeljko Arbanas, Kazuo Konagai, and WLF5 Secretariat

S8.1 Landslide risk reduction along the silk road
S8.2 Recent Progress in the Landslide Initiating Science
S8.3 Impact of large ground deformations near seismic faults on critically important civil-infrastructures
S8.4 Machine Learning, Earth Observation and Internet of Things for Slope Failure
S8.5 Subsurface monitoring technologies for landslide monitoring and early warning
CD1 Study of landslides and landslide risk reduction in Central Asia
CD2 Citizen Science for Landslides
CD3 International Cooperation in Landslide Disaster/Risk Reduction (Japan)
CD4 Introduction of landslide mitigation measures of Japan
CD5 Activities of Landslide-prevention engineers to enhance local capacity for disaster reduction in Japan
CD6 Structural and Nonstructural countermeasures against landslide disasters conducted by Japanese government
CD7 Possibility of slope measurement and monitoring for reduction and mitigation of slope disaster