Theme 1 : Sendai Partnerships & Kyoto 2020 Commitment

Theme 1/Volume 1: Sendai Partnerships and Kyoto 2020 Commitment

Coordinators/Volume editors:
Kyoji Sassa <>
Zeljko Arbanas <>

Invited papers from ICL, IPL, the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025, and the planned Kyoto 2020 Commitment. Forum lectures and Review of parallel sessions will be included.
Volume 1 will be distributed to all participants. Thematic issue of Landslides can be downloaded to all participants and non-participants. Therefore, these two publication will include wider information on WLF5.
Volume 1 is planned to include all Forum lectures and the outline of the parallel sessions and the free designed sessions.
Sessions title, their session editors as well as the objectives of sessions will be examined in the later stage. The progress will be uploaded in this page.