Sponsors and Exhibitors



ICL calls for sponsors and exhibition of 500, 000 JPY, 300, 000 JPY, 100, 000 JPY and some units of 10,000 JPY to support the organization of WLF5, especially support participants from developing countries. WLF5 secretariat is now examining the benefits we can offer to sponsors. The number of booths, the number of advertising pages of full color books and the number of Sponsor awards given in the Plenary sessions in the opening / closing ceremony days are limited.


Benefits to Sponsors include some of the following items

1. 20 Booths (3m x 2 m) and 2 booths (5 m x 4 m) in Room E, and sponsor posters

2. Sponsor advertisement (one page) in one or all full color books (Vol.1 will be distributed to all participants, Vol.2-8 will be distributed with additional fee)

3. Non-speaker tickets for sponsors

4. Sponsor awards at the plenary session in opening day and Sponsor recognition at the plenary session in the closing day.

5. Sponsor banner (logo, name of company and link to its web). Refer to <http://wlf5.iplhq.org/>

6. Publication of sponsors in Journal Landslides (2017 Impact factor 3.811)


Preliminary Registration of Sponsor

Those who are willing to be sponsors of WLF5 is requested to register in the following link within WLF5 web page:


WLF5 secretariat will consult with the Preliminary Registered Sponsors on the details of benefits.


WLF5 secretariat in Kyoto, Japan:  <wlf5-sec@iclhq.org>