Forum schedule

Schedule of 5th World Landslide Forum and Programme

  1. 2018 ICL-IPL Conference in Kyoto, Japan for Planning for the Fifth World Landslides Forum (WLF5) and the Kyoto 2020 Commitment (KC2020) on 1-4 December 2018. For detailed information:
  2. Editorial Manager for WLF5 will accept papers of full color books from 1st April 2019. The procedure of submission and reviews are the same as the Journal “Landslides”.
  3. Preliminary registration by authors, participants, exhibitors and sponsors will be accepted on the webpage of WLF5 from 1st January 2019. A detailed and early Information from WLF5 secretariat/ coordinators of selected themes will be sent to those preliminary registered persons.
  4. Coordinators of Theme 1-Theme 7, at present, are calling for a number of invited speakers who are able to write acceptable papers and orally present in the WLF5.
  5. Theme 8 is planned to accept full color book sessions for specific topics proposed by active groups/ societies/organizations. Proposals should include the list of invited speakers. The proposal submission will be open until 31 March 2019. This theme will be coordinated by wlf5

Objectives and Benefits of Preliminary Registration

  1. The information of the themes selected by the Preliminary Registered Speakers (PRS) and a tentative title is useful for the theme coordinators as well as WLF5 secretariat.
  2. There is no abstract submission stage in WLF5 such as the one used in WLF4. Theme coordinators / WLF5 secretariat will communicate with PRS on his/her presentation content.
  3. All latest and detailed information of WLF5 will be sent to PRS directly.
  4. PRS from developing countries who need financial support to participate the WLF5 are notified to the WLF5 secretariat in the fund sharing.
  5. The forum registration fee for the Preliminary Registered Speakers (PRS) will be reduced by 1,000 JPY from the formal registration fee.
  6. Exhibition and Sponsoring may have various options and may need customized request.

WLF5 secretary will consult with the Preliminary Registered Exhibitors/Sponsors (PRES) regarding the details.

Programme and Room Allocation of 5th World Landslide Forum